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Why sell with us?

Selling with TasteBells gives you the power to focus on what you do best-making delicious food products and leave the rest to us.

The benefits galore:

1. Increase your target market and reach more customers.
2. Multiply your income and earn more.
3. Make a name for your product and become famous.


The Process

Once we identify a really awesome food product or beverage which can be sold online on www.tastebells.com, our curation team contacts the seller or producer of that food item to take him/her go through the Q.C. process. It is compulsory for the producer/seller to have the FSSAI licence to sell with us online. If the food item makes the curation team crazy and manages to pass the quality check process, we bring the seller/producer on board.

The seller/producer also goes through our Q.A. process throughout his/her association with us so that our customers get to savour the best quality famous foods.


Want a Product featured? 

If you want your food product or beverage to be featured on TasteBells or know a product, which is worth featuring on TasteBells, click here. Our curation team would get in touch with you.