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Latest happenings in the world of Food, Knowledge Sharing and much more.

  • Buy Sweets-The Heartbeat of India

    Buy Sweets-The Heartbeat of India

    In India, a celebration is incomplete without savouring sweets. The culturally diverse and vibrant land of India is blessed with multiple religions and festivities. Be it a simple puja or prayer at home, naming ceremony of a child, marriages or birthday celebrations, auspicious festivals or any moment to celebrate, sweets lie at the heart of all such celebrations.

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  • Jams & Marmalades-Sweet Fruity Memories Preserved in a Jar

    Jams & Marmalades-Sweet Fruity Memories Preserved in a Jar

    Food preservation lies at the heart of sustenance of the human civilization. The art of preserving foods dates back to many centuries ago when people would resort to sun drying or using ice and snow in colder regions to preserve foods collected during abundant periods and use it for survival during periods of food scarcity.

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  • Cheese-World’s Best Milk Delicacy

    Cheese-World’s Best Milk Delicacy

    One milk preparation, which enjoys unparalleled supremacy across cuisines of the world, is cheese. The making of this wonder food dates back to over 4000 years. As per a widely believed legend, an ancient Arab travelling across the desert had stored milk in the pouch made from sheep’s stomach. The rennet in the pouch lining combined with heat caused the milk to curdle rendering it a flavour of cheese.

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  • Pickles-Age Old Traditions packed in a Jarful of Joy

    Pickles-Age Old Traditions packed in a Jarful of Joy

    For the Indian folks, nothing is more reminiscent of home or ghar ka khana as pickle. Pickling has been a tradition in India since the ancient times when the in the absence of refrigeration or canning, food preservation was carried out by drying perishable foods in sun and curing them with salt and sugar. That age old tradition has become a way of life for Indian meals across all communities.

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  • Candies-Childhood's Sweet Romance

    Candies-Childhood's Sweet Romance

    Childhood is perhaps the most beautiful time of anyone’s life. No restrictions, no responsibilities, a happy carefree lifestyle where the smallest of things become a major source of happiness.

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  • Coffee–A Refreshing Start to a New Day

    Coffee–A Refreshing Start to a New Day

    One beverage that cuts across all differences and has an unparalleled global appeal is Coffee.

    Coffee is the second biggest traded commodity in the world second only to oil. The mass appeal of this drink is reverberated by the daily consumption of 1.6 billions cups globally.

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  • Tea-The Undisputed National Beverage of India

    Tea-The Undisputed National Beverage of India

    History of tea dates back to thousands of years in the East where it symbolized health, happiness and wisdom. The discovery of this great drink happened in China from where it has travelled across the globe making it one of the healthiest and one of the most popular beverages.

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  • Chocolates-A Sinful Ecstasy

    Chocolates-A Sinful Ecstasy

    One food that transcends the barriers of age, caste, religion, and sex is Chocolate. Because of their universal appeal, chocolates truly are a global food.

    You will rarely come across people who have not indulged in this sinful delight.

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  • Dry Fruits-Body's Storehouse of Nutrients

    Dry Fruits-Body's Storehouse of Nutrients

    With the changing lifestyles of people, more and more people are becoming health conscious and hence leave no stone unturned to craft and follow healthy low calorie diets.

    Our bountiful nature has blessed us with manifold options of health foods with nuts being one of its most phenomenal creations.

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  • Spices-The Soul of Indian Cuisine

    Spices-The Soul of Indian Cuisine

    As India gallops its way to clinch the spot of the next Big emerging power of the globe, there are various reasons that make India very endearing and fascinating to the outside world.

    Being culturally one of the most vibrant nations, one thing that attracts people the most about India is its equally rich and delectable cuisine.

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