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Allahabad's Hari Ke Masale Triple Combo

Hari Ram & Sons (Hari ke Masale), Allahabad
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A delightfully rich aromatic masala combo of Allahabad's best in class legendary spice mixes. The ever green Dum Aloo Masala, Kachori masala and the delectable Samosa Masala from the iconic masala brand of Hari Ram & Sons is something to look forward to.

Infuse magic into your meals with these rich flavoursome spice mixes from Hari Ke Masale, Allahabad.

(250g Dum Aloo masala, Kachori masala and Samosa masala)


750g (3 signature spice mixes)


Bring home the authentic flavours of Allahabad's century old Masala masters, Hari Ram & Sons.

Infused with the aromas of the finest quality ingredients in a secret recipe that has been creating a sensation on dinner tables, this triple masala combo of the legendary Hari Ke Masale will surely enliven your meals.

A perfect combo with the signature masala mixes of the legendary Allahabadi Dum Aloo Masala, the iconic Kachori Masala and the ever popular Samosa Masala; this spice mix combo will surely make your food taste heavenly.

Savour the rich aromatic flavours of these legendary spice mixes, delivered straight from Hari Ram & Sons, Allahabad to your homes.

Additional Information

Why Buy This?

• Amongst the oldest legendary Spice brands of India started over 125 years ago

• Top 10 Masala Brands of India

• A brand savoured by the Who’s who of the country, right from the Nehrus to Bachchans to literary luminaries

Matchless taste and quality

• Press Coverage: The Hindu , DNA

Type Vegetarian
Weight 750g (3 signature spice mixes)
Shelf Life 6 months
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If there is one place that truly epitomizes the rich vibrant history of India in all ways, it is Allahabad. Be it the world-famous Maha Kumbh Mela, Prayag- the holy confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati or the pivotal role Allahabad played in India’s freedom struggle and has to its credit of having given India 5 of her Prime Ministers, it is rare to find a city that comes with such cultural richness as Allahabad.

What makes Allahabad stand out is not just its rich history but also the lavish food options that this beautiful city has on offing. The old part of the city popularly called Chowk is a literal heaven for foodies. The snacks and other delicacies sold in this bustling part of Allahabad have won hearts of people from far and near, from the big politicos to literary and entertainment luminaries

One such brand, which has become synonymous with the specialty food of Allahabad besides its succulent guavas, is Hari Ram & Sons. Mitthulal, a finance broker gone bust, started this legendary snack shop in 1890 naming it after his son Hari.

Popular for their record-holding awe-inspiring Samosas, which stay for over a month, this famous brand is renowned for its superior quality of masalas. Food connoisseurs swear by the taste of their masalas, which is match less. Most popular amongst these are the Dum Aloo and Kachodi Masala, which are rare to find in the best of markets. Other Masalas are also a rarity in their aroma, flavour and texture.

Armed with a rich history of over 125 years in making specialty masalas, Hari Ram & Sons has etched its name in the pages of history for its iconic samosas and spice mixes.

Their spice formulations are a closely guarded family secret and are potent enough to make great chefs out of the most average of cooks.

Enjoy the authentic flavour of Allahabad with the legendary Masala mixes by Hari Ram & Sons brought to your homes, straight from the creators by TasteBells.