Exotic Cranberry Creamed Honey

Theo Organics, Mumbai
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A unique honey creation that is unparalleled in taste and loaded with flavour. In this heavenly honey, Raw Himalayan Honey is creamed using a proprietary process that requires hours and hours of laborious work. This mother lode of creamed honey is stored and after a few days blended with the choicest dried cranberries. The Cranberry Creamed Honey is then bottled for your discerning palate.

Theo Cranberry Creamed Honey is 100% Natural and packed with the goodness of Honey and cranberries. Nature at its culinary best in this one of its kind honeys. Enjoy it with pan cakes, waffles, as dessert topping, on ice creams, fruit salads, on toasts as sweetener or in its plain natural form to satiate your dessert craving.


Variable (200g or 400g)

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