Special Gulab Halwa

Dilbahar Sweets, Gujarat
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One of India’s most cherished sweets hailing from the region of Rajasthan, Gulab Halwa is a sweet par excellence. Enjoying a legacy of its own, this unique sweet hailing from the western part of India carries a taste that has made many go weak in their knees. A signature specialty sweet from Deesa, Gujarat’s famous Dilbahar Sweets, this halwa is sure to leave a mark on your taste palate.

With the attractive and inviting presentation of the Gulab Halwa, made from right balance of milk, sugar and rose petals, pistachio consisting of sweet brown coloured beautiful granules, people can’t resist from eating it over and over again. A delectable Indian sweet best enjoyed alone as much as with gatherings owing to its rich ingredients and taste, this is truly a must try sweet for all the sweets lovers. Let the refreshing flavor of aromatic luscious red petals infused in milk with the crunch of pistachios create a never tried before medley on your taste palate. 


Variable (500g or 1 Kg)

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