Raw Chocolate Creamed Honey

Theo Organics, Mumbai
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A gourmet honey treat par excellence. From the global award winning honey makers of India, Theo Organics, comes a honey that surpasses all gourmet honey blends. A first of its kind, 100% pure, natural, unprocessed honey creamed to perfection using 85%-barrel aged couverture with natural cocoa butter.

In this heavenly honey, Theo Raw Himalayan Honey, harvested in the most tranquil bee farms at the Himalayan foothills, is creamed using a proprietary process that requires hours and hours of laborious work. This mother lode of creamed honey is stored and after a few weeks blended with the finest quality chocolate. Result is creamy silky smooth rich textured honey with an intense character with an oh so wonderful woody cocoa bean undertone that will make you go weak in your knees.

Enjoy this thick chocolaty honey as a spread on toast, sandwiches or use it as a topping on muffins, bread, cookies for a delightful flavour. Drizzle some over your favourite ice cream for a unique experience. Drip some on fruit salads or savour it a sweet snack dip along with a cold glass of milk.


Variable (200g or 400g)

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