Allahabad's Famous Hari Ke Samose

Hari Ram & Sons (Hari ke Masale), Allahabad
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A snack so delightful that you will find it hard to resist. Straight from the house of Allahabad’s world renowned namkeen and masala makers, Hari Ram and Sons comes a snack that is matchless in taste. India’s official aloo less samosa is loaded with flavours of spices and a rich filling to leave a long lasting spell on your taste palate.

A samosa popular not just for its phenomenal taste but also for the long shelf life of over a month that it carries.  Prepared using pure ghee and freshly ground hand picked spices, this one is a snack par excellence. 

Order your pack of India's most famous desi ghee Hari Ke Samose, home delivered fresh from Allahabad by TasteBells.


500g (Approx 20 pieces)