Kolkata's Nahoum's Light Plum Cake

Nahoum & Sons Bakery, Kolkata
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One of India’s oldest Jewish bakeries, Nahoum's & Sons Kolkata, an institution with over a century old rich heritage brings to you their classic all time favourite plum cakes.

The good old times Nahoum’s Light fruit cake [Plum cakes] has become inseparable part of Bengali culture. Where ever they are, Bengalis will roll in their mind the taste and reminiscence of Nahoum’s plum cake when Christmas start knocking at the door. A visit to Nahoum’s crowded shop and to be a part of the hustle and bustle for getting a grip on the freshly baked plum piece of past and present baked into one may still be a longing for many.

Freshly baked plum cakes home delivered for a world class culinay experience.