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Our Vision

To create a Food Web where the flow of food takes place as easily as the flow of information. 


Our Mission

To help people get closer to their choice of food.


About TasteBells

How can one ever forget those heavenly aromatic flavors of the hometown specialties? We spend our lives cherishing those delightful memories of the ethnic foods we grew up savouring. These occupy a special place in our hearts always making us long for those olden days. Food is indeed attributed emotions like no other thing.

Travel diaries are incomplete without a mention of the famous cuisines and the local specialties of the tourist destinations. Many a journeys are undertaken to experience the richness of the different cultures and their cuisines.  

With food having assumed such a strategic place in an individual’s life, the food artisans today are working tirelessly to create awe-inspiring tastes.

TasteBells is an endeavour to bring the most lip-smacking food products from across the nation on a common platform and make them accessible to a wider audience of food lovers. We are on a journey of constant exploration of famous local restaurants, food artisans and gourmet experts who are re-defining food habits and creating inspirational food stories. 

Our team of food curators works tirelessly to bring to your tables the most legendary iconic food brands from across India which have won hearts of millions with their exceptional taste. We work with the belief that geographical barriers should not be the limitation to relishing the best foods.

Join us as we celebrate the rich culinary heritage of India and explore the vibrant side of Indian cuisine as it rightly deserves.